Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Published on23.09.2020
You are the beating heart of our product organization. As an experienced RoR developer, you define processes in the backend that build blood vessels to fuel our drive. You directly impact our company’s rapid growth, delivering efficiency through automatization, and make first-hand decisions alongside your passionate teammates.

You will migrate our monolith solution to microservices architecture and make sure that nothing gets lost along the way. You will drill into various ideas, debate on their implementations, create a smooth transition process, troubleshoot proactively. You are our Rome – all roads lead to you.

You will bring your Ruby skills, carefully nurtured for more than 5 years, on board. Being a self-starter and an inquisitive mind, you are willing to dive into new technology concepts, such as Event Sourcing.

You’re not limited by a tech stack but make an asset out of every tool. As you grow with us, you will make business decisions based on your expertise and help us reshape our customers' interaction with the market. While you see a bigger picture with its gaps, loopholes, and potential failures, your ability to offer sustainable solutions turns you on.

  • Ruby on Rails: 5+ years
  • Tech stack: AWS, Eventide, PostgreSQL, Redis, RSpec
  • Upper-intermediate English

  • Remote (with 2-3 yearly meetings and a perspective of relocation, if you want)
  • Contract that suits you (freelance with paid vacation and sick days/ sole proprietor)
  • Strong team with great culture and values

We are a fast-growing Berlin-based startup that protects more than 100.000 customers from unfair energy prices. We are continuously monitoring all available offers on the market and automatically improving our users’ contracts. The result: up to 900€ saving per year just by optimizing electricity and gas contracts.

Our philosophy is being built around a tricky question: Can we treat our customers and colleagues as good friends? We say ‘yes!’ and we are passionately experimenting with innovative approaches to anchor this rule.

Fairness as a business model: As a "Tarifaufpasser" (Tariff Guard), we are reshaping the market by aligning it in favor of consumers and the environment. Our greatest success, besides the Stiftung Warentest award, is that our customers share our philosophy and genuinely like us.

Self-organization & New Work: We believe in awareness and responsibility as opposed to hierarchies and formal schedules. In our roles concept, you try yourself in different contexts, reinvent and redefine yourself. This is your learning accelerator.

Openness & Appreciation: We value every one of us and holistically support each other. Instead of hiding our mistakes and weaknesses, we deal with them openly and grow as human beings.

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