Senior Ruby Developer (all genders)

Published on01.10.2020
CompanyPhrase (Dynport GmbH)

Phrase is a fast-growing SaaS company that believes everyone should be able to use software in their native language. We are the leading translation management system, and the most reliable way to localize a website or mobile application. Our product helps teams of all sizes to scale their translation processes through smart automation. Phrase is growing rapidly and currently partners with over a thousand businesses in over 60 countries.

If you want to work on a product used by other tech companies, making the lives of software developers around the globe easier, then join our team!

What you will be responsible for

  • Full-stack development of our platform (API, Command Line Tools, IDE plugins etc.) with a strong focus on Ruby, but also using other technologies such as Go and Elasticsearch
  • Using best practices in your code and mentoring team members
  • Implementing creative approaches and actively sharing these ideas with the team
  • Working pragmatically and keeping a high level of productivity
  • Following and continuously improving our agile processes with weekly sprints and daily deployment
  • Taking part in pair programming and code-reviews to optimize our code quality

    What you need

    • Experience in building and maintaining web applications in Ruby on Rails
    • Ability to write clear, concise, and performant code with unit and integration tests
    • Knowledge in git and GitHub
    • Self-organization skills and a high level of motivation to shape our team and product
    • Strong collaboration skills to effectively solve problems
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (German is a plus)

      What you get

      • An ambitious team, determined to build the best localization platform on the market
      • A fast-paced, dynamic work environment
      • Self-organized, highly autonomous teams
      • The opportunity to actively get involved, work independently, and move the DevTeam forward
      • A fixed time slot every week for you to work on topics you want to spend time on
      • A culture of trust, support, and loyalty
      • Efficiency and moving fast rather than long meetings

      What's on top

      • Hardware of your choice
      • Hackathons, tech events, and meetups
      • Budget for conferences and further education
      • Special rates at Urban Sports Club
      • Coffee, cold drinks, and healthy snacks
      • Modern, spacious, penthouse office in the city center

        Our current Tech Stack

        • Rails App and Elixir App on Kubernetes Cluster (Docker)
        • GraphQL and REST JSON APIs
        • ElasticSearch
        • VueJS Frontend (TypeScript, Apollo)
        • MySQL Backend (Aurora)
        • Data Analytics (Athena, Redshift & Metabase)

        We look forward to meeting you!

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