Remote Ruby on Rails Developer (Lending Automation)

Published on16.02.2021

Shastic speeds communication to shorten the loan processing cycle for banks using SMS, robotic process automation and machine learning.

We make extensive use of AWS, Docker, Serverless Computing, Ruby on Rails, Javascript (Vue), MySQL, Python and Machine Learning within our infrastructure. We use tools like CodeBuild and CodePipeline to streamline and automate deployments and CloudWatch to see what’s going on under the hood.


Learn about our loan processing as you work to complete minor upgrades across multiple microservices to help our clients overcome day-to-day workflow challenges they are having using our platform.


Integrate our platform with 2 new third-party lending platforms in the U.S. to expand our addressable market.


Integrate our machine learning microservices (AI) into our platform in order to request, collect and syndicate loan documents given the current state of a loan in its lifecycle to give our clients a new superpower: Collecting documents automatically. Expand our platform’s functionality and cross-platform integrations in order to work across all industry-leading lending platforms in the U.S..

We are a high-speed, high-stamina team. To be successful in our team, you have to be comfortable with over-communicating, since our entire team is remote. We expect the members of our team to be responsive within seconds to stay aligned at all times and be able to work remotely as a close unit.

The person we are looking for is someone we can count on when the stakes are high and the entire team has to put in extra hours to meet our goals. Attention to detail is a must to succeed in our team as oftentimes the risks involved in our daily tasks can have legal and financial implications if mishandled.

We value well-written, factorized tests above all due to the high stakes involved in working with U.S. banks and regulated financial institutions. This person will work closely under the CEO.

Benefits we offer:

6 paid vacation days a year. 6 paid sick days a year. Competitive salary. Flexible schedule. The ability to work from anywhere in the world, forever.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: $5000 – $7000/month

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