Published on27.03.2021
LocationCologne, Germany

Position overview

Juicer, the software as a service company used by the likes of BonJovi, Black Sabbath, Lyft, The Golden Globes, and many more prestigious celebrities and platforms is looking for a CTO/Startup Development Partner that loves Ruby on Rails. 

Company information

Juicer aggregates all of your photos, hashtags, videos, posts, and images from 14 different social media feeds and puts them into one beautiful, clean feed you can embed anywhere. It draws content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Vine, YouTube, Soundcloud and other social media sources.

Widget integration demo: Codepen

What we need from you

We are looking for a CTO Partner to augment the current team and confirm the old saying that two heads are better than one. The need for the product has grown, the complexity and architecture has risen and what better way to improve on the existing legacy than by helping Paul (Juicer - CTO) with another top-level person. We are actually not big on titles here. What we mean is that you and Paul will be equally handling the company: development, strategy, research, management, leadership and growth.

What you bring to the table...

  • Ruby on Rails experience, passion, knowledge, curiosity...

  • An excellent communicator since most of the communication happens remote

  • Willingness to put your technical but also leadership skills to the test

What we offer

  • Remote work (European Time Zone) , with a preference for people near Heidelberg or Koln

  • Flexible working hours

  • Product development, 100% impact, minimum bureaucracy

What to do?

Reach out to Florian at florian@saas.group and he will take care of everything

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