Senior full-stack Engineer at Fractal ID

Published on09.01.2023
LocationRemote or Berlin

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Fractal is looking for a senior full-stack engineer (Ruby+Rails, JavaScript+React) to join our team.

We are the market leader in identity verification for sybil resistance and regulatory compliance in the blockchain space. We believe that making identity simple and secure is how we bring the next billion people into the blockchain space. Identity is a powerful feature that allows folks to enable truly democratic governance with one-person-one vote, distribute airdrops fairly, and unlock undercollateralized loans. You can learn more in this page.

We're looking for a resourceful generalist who is eager to build, grow, and succeed. Someone that's quick to evaluate trade-offs and own up to mistakes. Someone with senior-level, solid expertise with Ruby on Rails and React. Someone who keeps up with programming best practices: the field of software engineering is still new, we are constantly discovering new ways of doing things better, and we want someone who isn't stuck in how they did things 10 years ago.

Your education and years of experience aren't what's important to us: your skills are. What is critical is that you're able and willing — and excited — to progressively take up responsibility for a complex but well-architected software system with tight security requirements. We're happy and experienced with fully remote work, and your working hours are flexible.

This will be hard — our system is large and has a lot of moving parts, and we expect you to put in a lot of effort to take ownership fast and be able to work independently. If you're looking for a challenge that you can look back on and be proud of, this is it.

Our tech stack and practices:

  • Fractal ID's backends are written in Ruby on Rails, and the frontends in JavaScript/TypeScript and React. These are orchestrated as a microservice architecture on a multi-AZ AWS VPC.
  • Our infra is managed with Terraform, and leans heavily on ECS Fargate (Docker containers with Alpine Linux), RDS, S3 and SQS.
  • We like to live in bash and use git for version control. To lint and test, keep dependencies up to date, and do code reviews. To run a tight CI pipeline. To act responsibly with regards to security since we host a honeypot of personal data.

We offer:

  • competitive salary and negotiable performance bonus
  • flexible working hours
  • fully remote work, and/or an office in Berlin
  • a mission that matters and a great team


  • full-stack Ruby on Rails and React experience
  • good craftsmanship (code quality, test practices)
  • curiosity about blockchain technology
  • timezone within 3h of Berlin

Nice to have:

  • experience with AWS and terraform
  • experience with security at the infrastructure and application level
  • experience with blockchain technology

The ideal candidate:

  • takes ownership: "don't worry, I got this"
  • stands by their team: "you look tired, let me take over"
  • is excited about what Fractal is building
  • takes pride in their work
  • is interested in a long-term position
  • has an eye for product and UX
  • communicates extremely well in spoken and written English

Do not want someone who:

  • avoids responsibility: "that's not my job"
  • fails their team: "you broke it, you fix it"
  • attacks people instead of problems
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